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Five Towns Policy regarding Real Estate Agents, open houses, and advertising properties:
Open House Hours of Operation:
  • Open Houses may be conducted by Realtors on Saturdays and Sundays only
  • Open Houses may be conducted during the hours of 12-3pm
  • Balloons and banners are not permitted on this private property
  • One sign may be placed at the front of the complex on the outside of the sidewalk near the street
  • One sign may be placed on the building’s property where the open house is being held, near the entrance to the parking lot of the building, with the building’s permission only
  • One sign may be placed in the back of the complex outside the back entrance on 62nd Ave N in the grass near the road
  • Signs are to be put up at 11:30 AM and removed by 3:30 PM
  • Any sign that is improperly placed, put up early, or left after the open house will be removed by the management company and discarded

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